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Vulcanized Shoe Making
About vulcanized shoe

Vulcanized shoes are types of shoes in which the sole and vamp are prepared through a vulcanization process. Vulcanized shoes include canvas shoes, rain boots, sneakers, and so on. There are virtually no limitations on the materials of these kinds of shoes. Because the sold is made of rubber, the vulcanized shoe is anti-skid and wear resistant. The vulcanization process also ensures that the sold is less likely to age and crack while maintaining good elasticity.

Vulcanized shoes include:
  • VansVans
  • Canvas shoesCanvas shoes
  • Canvas shoesCanvas shoes
  • Rain bootsRain boots
How to Make
Vamp making

Making fabric via gluing(click to view Roll Laminator
Making fabric via die cutting(click to view Hydraulic Receding Head Press
Sewing the vamp according to the designed

Sole making

Mixing the rubber(click to view Rubber Internal Mixer, Banbury Mixer
Calendering the mixed rubber into rubber sheet(click to view3-Roll Calender
Pressing the rubber through hot-pressing(click to view Shoe Outsole Sheet Cutting Press
Burnishing the pressed sole(click to view Shoe Repair Finisher

Foxing making

Making foxing via extrusion(click to view Co-extrusion Line

Shoe finishing

Pressing the toe lasting(click to view 7-Pincer Forepart Lasting Machine
Pressing the shank lasting(click to view Heel Seat Lasting Machine
Gluing the insole(click to view Hot Melt Roll Coater
Pressing the foxing(click to view Shoe Strip and Upper Lasting Machine
Pressing the outsole and vamp(click to view Universal Sole Press Machine

Shoe vulcanization

Vulcanizing the finished shoes(click to view Benchtop Infrared Oven

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