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Footwear Machinery

Shoes are one of the best ways to express your fashion sense all over the world. Here at Chengben, we have all of the equipment necessary to get your factory up and running or even to update or replace equipment. As a direct footwear machinery manufacturer, we can independently produce our machine parts and freely design the equipment according to your requirements and factory size.

You have multiple machinery options to choose from and some machine specifications will be adjusted according to different countries, regions and materials.
    1. Machinery for Cutting and Preparation
    2. Machinery for Cutting and Preparation During the preparation of each shoe part, we need to manufacture rubber products for the outsole, midsole, and welt of the shoe. We provide equipment for processing these components, including milling, extrusion, calendaring, and pressing machines.
    1. Machinery for Upper Making
    2. Machinery for Upper Making Chengben provides machinery for lamination and upper making to finish the pre-processing of vamps. These machines can shape up the leather and cloth according to your needs through mold processing. You then just need to sew these components.
    1. Machinery for Outsole Production
    2. Machinery for Outsole Production During outsole production, our equipment will press rubber we mixed in early stages into the shape we need. These pressed soles are then stored in the warehouse for later use.
    1. Lasting Machinery
    2. Lasting Machinery We offer shoe lasting machinery to produce shoes in a variety of shapes, sizes and material. When browsing our equipment, pay special attention to equipment part combinations to ensure they meet your requirements.
    1. Footwear Finishing Machinery
    2. Footwear Finishing Machinery During the shoemaking process, we offer an extensive array of footwear finishing equipment to polish and grind rubber shoe sections.
    1. Accessory Equipment
    2. Accessory Equipment After shoe production is nearly complete, to guarantee the final quality, shoes must undergo a curing process.
Here are some types of shoes that our equipment can manufacture.
  • Canvas shoesCanvas shoes
  • VansVans
  • SneakersSneakers
  • Leather shoesLeather shoes
  • Rain bootsRain boots
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