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Cold Cement Shoe Making
About cold cement shoe

A cold cement shoe is made by putting materials in a mold and pressing. The shoes are then finished by adhering the pieces with rubber. The features of cold cement shoes include a flexible and lightweight structure. Due to the low cost of the material and technique, cold cement shoe making is a popular method.

Cold cement shoe includes
  • SneakersSneakers
  • SneakersSneakers
  • Leather shoesLeather shoes
  • Leather shoesLeather shoes
How to Make
Machinery for Upper Making

Making the fabric through die cutting method(click to view Clicker Press
Sewing the vamp according to the designed
Punch the vamp for shoe lacing

Sole making

Making the sole through injection molding process
Polish the sole(click to view Shoe Repair Finisher

Shoe shaping up

Pressing the toe lasting(click to view 9-Pincer Forepart Lasting Machine
Pressing the shank lasting(click to view Heel Seat Lasting Machine
Gluing the insole(click to view Back Part Molding Machine With 2 Hot and 2 Cold Stations
Pressing the foxing(click to view Shoe Strip and Upper Lasting Machine
Pressing the outsole and vamp(click to view Universal Sole Press Machine

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