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Machinery for Sewing and Upper Making

Chengben provides machinery for lamination and upper making to finish the pre-processing of vamps. These machines can shape up the leather and cloth according to your needs through mold processing. You then just need to sew these components.

    1. Roll Laminator
    2. Roll Laminator A roll laminator is equipment designed to adhere two layers of different cloths using glue or sodium silicate in saturated steam or electric heat. In the footwear manufacturing industry, this machine is primarily applied in the fabrication of shoe vamps.
    1. Hydraulic Receding Head Press
    2. Hydraulic Receding Head Press The hydraulic receding head press is mainly used to blocks of material into pieces. These pieces will then be sent to the sewing room for hemming and tailoring. The equipment can cut materials like leather, paper board, foam, artificial leather, and synthetic fiber.
    1. Clicker Press
    2. Clicker Press Chengben clicker presses are mainly used in the die cutting process of various footwear materials or other leather products. The main shaft, pull rod, and piston are all constructed from superior steel to maximize the machine’s durability.
Wenzhou Chengben Machinery Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Chengben Machinery Co., Ltd.
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