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Machinery for Outsole Production

During outsole production, our equipment will press rubber we mixed in early stages into the shape we need. These pressed soles are then stored in the warehouse for later use.

    1. Automatic Sole Press
    2. Automatic Sole Press The automatic sole press produces the rubber sole style according to the mold shape. This machine features an excellent sealing performance and will not leak during processing. We equipped this press with a safety valve, so that when the valve is opened, machine operation stops immediately.
    1. Shoe Outsole Sheet Cutting Press
    2. Shoe Outsole Sheet Cutting Press The shoe outsole sheet cutting press is designed for cutting thin materials without heating.
      Production capacity: 3000 pairs (every 8 hours)
      Weight:550 kg
      Motor power:0.75 kw
    1. Hot Melt Roll Coater
    2. Hot Melt Roll Coater The hot melt roll coater is designed for partial or full coating of insoles. The coating roller is made of a styrene resistant silicone rubber, making it more suitable for coating and coloring of uneven objects.
    1. Vulcanizing Oven
    2. Vulcanizing Oven The vulcanizing oven is designed for rubber vulcanization. Taking durability into consideration, we used stress relieving steel for the machine body, and a logical loop hydraulic oil system to ensure both the durability and leak resistance.
Wenzhou Chengben Machinery Co., Ltd.

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