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Accessory Equipment

After shoe production is nearly complete, to guarantee the final quality, shoes must undergo a curing process. Our vulcanizing equipment includes advanced, top of the line vulcanizing machines to produce vulcanized shoes, and ovens for cold cement shoes. We also offer a full shoe making production line, and a conveyor line to connect individual work stations.

    1. Benchtop Infrared Oven
    2. Benchtop Infrared Oven The CB-166 benchtop infrared oven is designed to heat glue during shoemaking processes. This oven uses hot air convection, which utilizes cartridge heater heat both effectively and efficiently to ensure a uniform heating process.
    1. Overhead Conveyor
    2. Overhead Conveyor Overhead conveyors are primarily used to deliver shoes or in-soles in the air above employee heads. This conveyor also finalizes the shoe shape through a cooling process, as well as connect individual procedures without taking up extra floor space.
    1. Infrared Heating Oven
    2. Infrared Heating Oven Infrared heating ovens are primarily used for cement shoe and leather shoe soles, and the full production line size is customizable according to different factory sizes. Shoe soles and vamps are irradiated directly using the near infrared ray, significantly shortening the oven length.
Wenzhou Chengben Machinery Co., Ltd.

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