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Machinery for Cutting and Preparation

During the preparation of each shoe part, we need to manufacture rubber products for the outsole, midsole, and welt of the shoe. We provide equipment for processing these components, including milling, extrusion, calendaring, and pressing machines.

    1. Vertical Rubber Bale Cutter
    2. Vertical Rubber Bale Cutter The vertical rubber bale cutter is used to cut natural rubber block and various kinds of plastic material. It is especially suitable for installation in the rubber internal mixer to cut small pieces of rubber block.
    1. Rubber Bale Cutter
    2. Rubber Bale Cutter The rubber bale cutter is mainly used to cut rubber. After the cutting process is finished, the cutter will rise automatically. Equipped with a two limit switch on the rack to control the reversing valve to change the moving direction of the cutter and protect the head of the piston cylinder.
    1. Rubber Internal Mixer, Banbury Mixer
    2. Rubber Internal Mixer, Banbury Mixer Rubber internal mixers, also known as banbury mixers, are advanced milling machines used to effectively mix rubber, plastics, and chemical materials for further processing. The equipment is necessary for the manufacturing of rubber strips before forming the outsole and foxing of shoes.
    1. Rubber Mill
    2. Rubber Mill Our rubber mill, or rubber mixing mill, is widely used in rubber mixing (plasticizing), raw rubber and compound mixing, rubber warm-up mixing, and sheet pressing to produce rubber sheets, rubber rolls, and other rubber products. The processed rubber can also be transferred to extruders to produce rubber sheet.
    1. Rubber Extruder
    2. Rubber Extruder The rubber extruder is used to extrude the rubber mixed by the rubber mixing machine into a rubber sheet. Its main function is to squeeze out the bubbles in the rubber so that the rubber will be as smooth as possible for further processing.
    1. 2-Roll Calender
    2. 2-Roll Calender The 2-Roll Calender is used to calendar (or roll) the rubber into sheet form. The rubber material is fed into the machine and then pulled into the roller gap by frictional force and pressed into rubber sheet by the two rollers.
    1. 3-Roll Calender
    2. 3-Roll Calender The 3-roll calendar is applicable for the production of single colored strips, toe boxes, sponge midsoles, and outsoles for rubber shoe manufacturing. Besides, our machine can simply change the roller to meet the needs of different rubber products.
    1. 6-Roll Calender
    2. 6-Roll Calender This 6-roll calendar is designed for foxing strip calendaring, single/double/triple colored strip, double layer compounding, and other strip calendaring functions for rubber shoe manufacturing.
    1. Co-extrusion Line
    2. Co-extrusion Line This extrusion equipment produces single, double, triple, quadra or penta-color rubber strips for shoe production. The co-extrusion Line utilizes an inverter system to control the equipment, so the strip output is stable. The produced strips exhibit homogeneous color.
    1. Rubber Strip Cutting Machine
    2. Rubber Strip Cutting Machine This high efficiency rubber strip cutting machine is used to cut extruded rubber workpieces. The machine can be connected to the water cooling bath for rubber in the production process. However, if it fails to cut the strip, the gap and flatness of the knife edge should be adjusted.
    1. Shoe Strip Cutting Machine
    2. Shoe Strip Cutting Machine The shoe strip cutting machine is designed to for the cooling, powder applicating, and cutting of rubber. In production, it is usually used with the calendaring machine to produce the foxing and outsole of the shoe. By spreading a layer of powder, it can isolate rubber from air contact.
    1. Water Cooling Bath
    2. Water Cooling Bath The water cooling bath is used in the cooling and formation of the rubber strip. After passing the cooling water, the rubber strip is coated with ANTITACK161 to prevent adhesion between precursors and generate dead rubber.
    1. Mixing Tank
    2. Mixing Tank Rubber cement is a necessary binding agent in the shoemaking process. A mixing tank is used to stir the blend of rubber of rubber material and solvent to dissolve it into rubber cement.
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